Well, that was kind of weird..



So recently I’ve been checking a couple news sites, which I never did before, I just read the newspaper. And I saw this weird thing, Frank Ocean, the singer of OFWGKTA, Tyler The Creator’s label came out of the closet, well he isn’t gay but he’s bisexual, same shit for me to be honest. So yeah I read a few articles about it, and fell asleep.
I hopped in my car the other day, just to go to the supermarket. Had my family coming over in the weekend, so I needed some food, drinks and all that. Well, when I was at the supermarket’s parking lot, I suddenly noticed a black man dancing on the middle of the parking lot. He was carrying a boombox on his left shoulder and making the most bizarre moves I had ever seen. It was entertaining though, after a while a crowd started gathering around the man. And then later on, one noticed the man dancing, was actually a singer. A world-famous singer, damn! Suddenly everyone noticed and started shouting and rushing to Frank, Frank Ocean. Everyone tried to get the best pictures and videos and shouting for that signature, but all Frank did was dancing. People pushing each other against cars, on the ground and getting into fights, but Frank kept dancing.
After an hour or so, when more people left and I had bought my groceries, a big white Hummer V3 parked on the parking lot. A skinny chinese looking guy stormed out the car followed by 4 width-chested bodyguards. He jumped onto Frank and tried to seduce him while shouting ‘NO HOMO, NO HOMO’. All Frank did was push him off of him, threw a few punches on his face as he knocked him out with a kick and walked off dodging the bodyguards. I approached Frank and got into a conversation with him. He wanted to tell me about the girls he has been with, but I though to myself ‘Didn’t you announce you’re bisexual like days ago?’. So I told him ‘Man, weren’t you gay?’, he got mad and knocked me out as well.
Well, that might have been a dream as well, yeah it was!


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