Gotta keep y’all warm like a hot dog!

What’s been up man? I’m trying to get a steady crowd if you know what I mean. I need to have people who keep checking the blog, follow the blog and share the blog. Tell it to your mates that you’ve found this awesome site. You could as well not give a fuck about what I’m saying and wait till I finish writing stories, that’s an option. Oh by the way, I’ll get to the celebrity thing next story again, this one turned out to be without a celebrity, weird.

Well yeah, I’ve had a blast this summer as I mentioned a few times. I wanted to zoom in a bit on the part where I was in France, one wild thing I experienced. We were at a campsite and made a lot of friends, we had a group of more than twenty young people which we hung out with. We could all get a long pretty well. You will always have those stand outs who just don’t fit in, but everyone was in the holiday mood. During the holiday, you hang out with people you would never even consider hanging out with at home. That’s the beautiful thing about going to campsites for me.

We, the whole group, did the same thing every day; Wake up at your parcel, either go to the swimming pool, ping pong table or the ‘hang-out’ spot with a few chairs and a table. That’s where we met, spoke and just relax. We didn’t do that much every day. Some days we got bored and had spontaneous plans: “Let’s climb the mountain guys!” “Why don’t we go for a hike” “Let’s go to the beach” “Shall we head over to the nearest village?”. Those things made it fun as well, the short trips as on the campsite wasn’t that much to do. The campsite was in the middle of nowhere, so if we wanted to go somewhere we had to make plans. There were no options of going out to a bar or so, as there weren’t any nearby.

One day we went over to a nearby city, a quite big one. We were with just the group, no parents. We were having a good evening on the beach. After a while I had to go for a piss and 2 other fellas accompanied me. We walked a while when we passed an empty bar. The bar was empty, though the lights were on, the music was on and it looked open. We walked in and sort of inspected the place, we opened the fridge; it was filled with alcohol. We didn’t want to get caught by police or something but we did want to have a good night. We took one bottle of wine, put it in a bag and rapped a plastic back around the top as we walked out totally innocent. We tried to remain our pokerfaces and ask at another restaurant if they could open the bottle, they could. We walked up to the rest of the group at the beach and showed them the bottle. They started laughing as they moved a little sand and pulled out about 10 bottles of booze. They told us fucking Brad Pitt walked by and gave them 500 bucks to have a good night with.

Well, I wasn’t dreaming this time. They were dreaming, that’s for sure.


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