2Pacalypze now with my Detox as a good kid in a M.a.a.D city!

I’m back with some celebrity shit! Yeah that’s what y’all been on the look out for. I mean, my personal stories ain’t shit compared to what I make up. There we go bitches

Lately I’ve been hanging around with promoters, tour managers and all those people behind the screen. It’s way more interesting than talking to the artists themselves. All they say is “I love ma’ moms” “Money above hoes y’feel me?” “Fuck the fame, I want money man!”. Most of them aren’t that clever, they can write a whole track without a problem though talking is hard, strange.

There’s this one rapper though, he has everything. He’s muscled, extremely intelligent, raised in the hood, big money, fame and a huge reputation. It’s clear to me we’re talking about the headphones guy. You know, Dre. Beats by dre, remember? If you don’t know the man off of his tracks, just by his headphones, you suck. Dr Dre is besides Pac, the one with the biggest reputation without releasing any albums or whatever.

I was talking to Dre, just after he hung out with Ice-T for his new film. We spoke about the game, him during the production of a new track. He told me he’s fucking annoying to all rappers he records with, as he wants is to be beyond the stage where the rapper thinks it’s good. So one day, he was in the studio with Kendrick Lamar, recording ‘The Recipe’. Kendrick, known for his lyrical strength, wrote a verse in no time. He rapped, but Dre wasn’t satisfied, he wanted to get to know Lamar better first, he had to enter his mind. They went playing basketball together in Dre’s yard. They were just talking about their youth as they’re both from Compton. Kendrick showed his huge admiration for 2Pac, and Dre told a couple stories about Pac.

Pac once was performing in LA, the crowd went nuts. The adrenaline was pumping trough his body and it made Pac go crazy as well, one moment he suddenly sacked his pants and showed his ass to the whole crowd. The whole crowd froze and didn’t know what to do, so they just remained silent. Pac, still overdosed with adrenaline was still in the mood to party so he was shouting to the crowd. They didn’t react so Pac grabbed for his dick as he suddenly pulled out a Glock and fired 2 shots in the air. Everyone went crazy, though Pac made sure everyone was okay and down to party!

Could be true, right?


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