You say no to a bald lady, Wiz Khalifa can’t!

I’ve been thinking about moving the blog to either Tumblr or Blogspot, but I’m not sure yet. Could work out perfectly fine or not at all, like I got anything to risk.

Last night I was in Amsterdam. You probably think I was either smoking weed or seeing hoes. I wasn’t, I was just cruising around with some friends. We got bored of our own city so we made a trip to Amsterdam all off a sudden. We didn’t have a plan or whatever what we were gonna do, we just wanted to visit the KFC. Besides the KFC, we could go and check out some stores and see the hookers. The rest, we can do that in our own city as well.

We went to KFC first, after that we checked out some stores and then we made a small circle around the red light neighbourhood. We just wanted to say we’ve been there, but the moment we were about to leave the district we saw a young black male with a blonde stripe in his hair approaching. He was accompanied by a bald woman, and they both looked quite panicked. They walked up to us asking if we had a weedcard. They heard there was a new law where you had to be 18 and you got to be in the possession of a weedcard in order to buy weed. Well, they didn’t have a weedcard. We didn’t really realise who we were talking to until an older man came around the corner while shouting ‘EYY WIZ, AMBER! WE TRIPPY MANE! YOU SAY NO TO A WEEDCARD, JUICY J CAN’T!”

We then noticed we were talking to fucking Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose, his wife. Our mind switched immediately, we had to supply them with weed, we had to. So we told them to follow us to the nearest shop. We waited at the front door when one guy stopped to ask Wiz and Juicy for an autograph, we spoke with the man. We told him ‘First you got to get him weed, then you’ll get your autograph’. That did it, we supplied Taylor Gang!

Wiz then gave us one million dollars as a gift so we could plant our own seeds, harvest our own plants! Fuck, I was dreaming! DAYM!


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