Thats what I call going in Paris!

I’ve been on the low this period, had to recover from all the crazy things that happend during the past months. Specially the summer, though I’ll zoom in more on that later, I might.

Anyways, the thing that immediately pops in my mind is the meeting I had a few days ago. There were 2 artists, who are together in a so called ‘Bromance’, who travel around the whole world to sing about two black males in the capital city of France. Strange enough, every digs the song and the whole crowd goes nuts. I heard about the 2 and I went to see them. I pretend that it was easy to get these tickets while actually I had to go trough some rough times, including fighting with tigers, so yeah that’s what’s up!

I arrived in Arnhem, where the concert was in a big stadium which actually is the stadium of the worst soccer team off the dutch division., but that doesn’t matter that much. So I entered the stadium and waited for the show to start, which took 2 hours. No reception, no internet connection or whatever, 2 hours of staring around the massive stadium watching it getting filled by the minute. When the show finally started, both Kanye West and Jay-Z wore T-shirts with sayings on it, but the lights weren’t on, so no one could see what was on them. After half an hour of songs, suddenly all of the lights went on for 30 seconds and Ye & Jay stood there, next to each other. They stood still, so anyone could see the message on their shirts, I was shocked. Flabbergasted. On their shirts stood an invitation to me, to meet them afterwards, how awesome is that?

After the show a security guard approached me and signed me to follow him, so I did. We walked, and walked, and walked and then we arrived at a dressing room. Well, it was more off a house to me, but they called it a dressing room. I opened the door and there they were; Ye & Jay. We spoke for hours and I asked them about their song ‘Niggas in paris’, they both burst out laughing. Later they explained their inspiration come from Paris Hilton, they imagined doing naughty things to her, at the same time. So yeah, that would be, niggas in paris….

Later on we went to visit Paris Hilton, they handed me the camera and told me to record it all. They wanted to shoot a video clip of their track niggas in paris, if you know what I mean. Fuck, it was a dream, like always….