Your Majesty The Queen, a side you didn’t know!

You know, Olympics and such. I’m not an athlete or something like that, I’m fucking awesome but they didn’t let me qualify for the Olympic games this year, I’ll try it again later on. It was in London, England relates to London, right? Yeah it does, if it doesn’t for you, go see the doctor!

So I took the plane, Amsterdam to London Airport. When I got off the plane I saw a group of people and the front one was holding a sign ‘Frexxxel’, So I walked up to them and we got into a conversation. They saw me as their hero, they heard my music and they knew all my lyrics. They invited me over to their apartment, I could stay there as long as I wanted to, for free. They even made me breakfast, lunch and dinner, choice was made quite easily. I was in London for the Olympic games, as I had to catch up with a few friends, they’re in the nation teams you know. So yeah, I went to see basketball, hockey, football and of course beach volleyball. I enjoyed myself, spoke with the coaches, they knew me as well and I knew them. In my early years I used to be in their squads, so that’s why.

When I was watching the beach volleyball match, England versus Spain, I was hyped. It was really exciting as both teams were on the same level, none of them topped the other. England made a point, straight after that, Spain made a point, and so on.  It was absurd, and you had to win with 2 points difference. It was 234 against 234 in the last set and England made a point, so they had a match-point. The coach asked for a time-out and they rushed into the dressing room where they stayed for like 5 minutes. When they came out, one of the team members slipped and hurt her ankle, she couldn’t play no more. Someone had to take her spot, or England lost the game! Then suddenly someone started shouting in the audience, no one knew where it was coming from as it wasn’t that loud. Everyone got quiet and suddenly we heard where it was coming from, an old lady walked up the field in a snobby outfit, you could see she was a wealthy woman. As soon as she came closer, I realised who it was, it was Queen Elizabeth! The Queen, your majesty took the spot and the match continued. Elizabeth served and it went as a straight rocket over the net, it was unblockable! England won!

After that when I left the stadium I heard Elizabeth shouting my name, asking for my phone number! Hold up, never mind it was a dream!