Yeah, I got to chill with the untouchable, ROZAY!

You see that picture above you, you must know who that is! You don’t? Well, it’s Rozay, Rick Ross, a big, fat, pot smoking, rapper. Whenever I look at that picture, it reminds me of the little gathering Ricky and I had a while back. He invited me over to his mansion, and of course I passed a few Maybachs while driving up his property in my Ford Fiesta. Kinda embarrassing, don’t you think?

So anyway, I rang the doorbell and Rozay opened the door with one hand while holding a bucket with the other one. It was a bucket made of steel, stuffed till the edge with chicken, fried chicken straight out of Kentucky, that Kentucky Fried Chicken! First thing I thought ‘Yo fatass, pass me some, you’ve had enough’, but I didn’t have the balls to actually say it out loud. I mean, imagine what would happen if he took a sit on top of me, daaaaamn! But the funny part didn’t even come yet, I asked him if I could have some of the sweet, oh so tasty, in heaven made, chicken. He just nodded at me and gave me like a follow sign, so that’s what I did. We entered a room, which was completely empty except for a small pole with a button on top, he motioned me to push it, so I did. All of a sudden the whole room changed into a KFC restaurant. I stared around and couldn’t believe what I was seeing; Crispy chicken, topless employees with tight red shorts, huge sound installation bumping ‘Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill – Black Magic’, tables packed with towers of dollar bills.

And then the sickest thing was that I got to.. Never mind, it was all a dream!